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Friends of A New Park

Toronto, ON

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About the Friends of a New Park

"Friends of a New Park" is a diverse group, the majority of whom are residents of Ward 21 and the midtown area. We have supporters from neighbourhoods on all sides of the Wychwood Car Barns site, some within a stone's throw of the new park, some a few blocks away, and even some from across the city (see our List of Friends). All have come to this website and willingly signed on as Friends. We don't turn anyone away based on where they live. We do not represent any particular interest group.

We are a community-based, citizen's group composed of gardeners, artists, heritage advocates, and other neighbours who are very interested in seeing the creation of an extraordinary park on the Car Barns site that will benefit the whole community (and serve the surrounding neighbourhoods).

We respect the fact that neighbours may express differing opinions but we all agree that it is through a process of honest dialogue and compromise that a consensus can be developed that will allow us to move forward. We believe that having green space and saving one of our area's last remaining significant heritage structures are not mutually exclusive concepts. We respect the positive energy and pleasure that cultural activity brings to people of all ages and backgrounds in our community. We have supported the public process by which we have arrived at a commitment from the city for a new park that includes the Car Barns. We will continue to support an inclusive, community-based, approach to park planning and design and a consultative process. And we are proud to tell you who we are and where we live.

If you share these interests and values please let us know and join us.

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