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21 Blackthorn Avenue
Toronto, ON M6N 3H4

Phone: (416) 901-2006
Fax: (416) 901-2007

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About Green Here

GreenHere is a not-for-profit environmental charity dedicated to increasing green space in Toronto’s Davenport neighbourhood (bordered by Bloor St. W to St. Clair Ave. W., CPR/CNR rail tracks to Christie St.). Davenport is a mixed residential/industrial area, criss-crossed by three major railway corridors. Residents face an increase in health risks due to poor environmental conditions, including higher summer temperatures due to greater levels of greenhouse gases, a lack of recreational spaces, and a higher percentage of paved surfaces that escalate the urban heat island effect.

The demographic profile of Davenport is a high-needs community: the riding of Davenport has the second lowest family income in Ontario, 54% are newcomers with English as a second language, over 140 different ethno-cultural groups are represented (Davenport is the most diverse riding in Canada), and the riding has the highest percentage of those with less than a grade 9 education in the province (Statistics Canada, 2001).

According to the City Parkland Acquisition Study (2001), this area has 77% less green space the average Toronto neighbourhood. Our aim is to work with local businesses, community members, and schools to increase the number of trees and green space in the area. By initiating local greening projects to encourage community planning and participation, and by educating the community about the proper care and benefits of trees, we can not only improve long-term air and water quality but also contribute to the social and economic well-being of the area.

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