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Rendezvous when Sight meets Sound.
Sat May 9, 2009 / 12:00pm - Sat May 30, 2009 / 7:00pm

Rendezvous when Sight meets Sound. A multimedia exhibit incorporating sound as part of the visual element. Its statement: “Visualization is a thinking process - a brain function. With visualization the scene’s blank corners begin to fill; questions arise, thus producing the interaction of another sense: Sound. Sound is the outcome of thought. Sight or sound, in isolation, can be embracing, but empty; lacking entire fulfillment. The marrying of the two senses brings forth a third dimension. The enriched comprehension of the moment is brought into reality. Make a connection to our connections, as you experience a vicarious Rendezvous with our worlds.”

The invitation was tempting. Laluque Atelier (www.laluqueatelier.com),at 1362 Bathurst St., a few blocks south of St. Clair, is a friendly gallery. Artists Eric David and Victoria Wallace were ready to show guests how to plunge into the sound experience of art. Under each painting, an mp3 sat, earphone wires dangling, tempting us to get wired into this new adventure.

I started with Eric David’s multimedia painting depicting a nighttime street scene with strings of lights whizzing across it. It felt as if I was in a car, speeding along the street at 200 km/hour. What could sound add to this strong image? I put the earphones on, and suddenly, there was traffic news on the radio, music crackling in the background. I felt the urge to dance to the upbeat music, let the wind blow through my hair. In another painting, an anguished voice accompanies the picture of a worried mother on the phone, and stirs compassion. Although I felt limited by the length of the wires, and would prefer to view the images from further away, the sound made me relate to some paintings with more intensity. The experience is akin to watching a video clip, but in this case, instead of being fed moving images, the mind creates movement from the painting and a different level of connection takes place.

While Eric David’s work is dramatic with deep, strong colours, Victoria Wallace’s work is softer with lighter shades and many blue skies. The gentle music she chose adds a meditative element to her paintings. Her series on bees is spread across the wall in a random manner. The larger one shows Napoleon flying on a giant bee, leading a swarm of bees, while the smaller paintings show bees in different modes of flight. The collection was inspired by Napoleon’s use of bees as part of the symbol for his empire. Wallace works in acrylic and encaustic, an ancient practice of painting with pigmented molten beeswax. Adding sound to her work seems in keeping with her goal as an artist. “The emotional and spiritual connection the viewer makes gives breath to each piece of art I produce,” she says.

If art is meant to stimulate the senses, and take us into an imaginary world that is personally meaningful, does it really need sound? Some could argue that sound would intrude in this intimate visual communication. David and Wallace are artists who want you to experience their original ideas before you decide. So why not take a tour of the show before it closes.

Rendezvous runs till May 30th at Laluque Atelier. Hours are Tues - Sat, 12 - 7 pm.

You can also view Eric David’s work at http://www.ericdavid.ca/CurrentExhibit.htm and Victoria Wallace’s at http://www.artmajeur.com/victoriartist/

Review written by Peggy Lampotang

Associated To: Peggy Lampotang

Location: Studio Five

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