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CAPP Toronto

152 Carlton St
PO Box 92513
Toronto, On M5A 2C1

[email protected]
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What is CAPP Toronto?

CAPP Toronto is a non-partisan, non-profit organization committed to informing the population of Canada about issues that may concern them; and to improving the democratic system structure that we are beholden to by helping inspire people to become active citizens and get involved in politics, either through action or education.

Forged out of the public reaction to the Prorogation of Parliament on December 30, 2009, CAPP Toronto’s members come from all political parties. Often CAPP Toronto member’s are not affiliated with any political party, but are still concerned with the direction our society is headed. CAPP Toronto members come from every walk of life. We represent the woven tapestry of Canadian society.

Through education and active engagement in democratic activities, CAPP Toronto strives to return democratic power to Canadian citizens.

Through continual monitoring of our government’s activities, we strive to maintain accountability to the people that our government is elected to represent. By mobilizing concerned individuals and enlightening our population through educational forums, CAPP Toronto also seeks to strengthen democratic accountability by bringing media attention to social justice issues and areas of democratic deficit.

CAPP Toronto will work to ensure the government remains fair, democratic, and pursues socially just policy making.

We believe the true power of a democracy lies in the responsibility of its citizens to be well informed and actively engaged. The right to vote comes with an equally important responsibility to engage in our democracy, and since knowledge is power, we hope to inspire this engagement.

CAPP has three primary goals:

* To Defend Canadians’ democracy

* To Educate Canadians on their political system

* To Encourage greater political participation by all Canadians

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