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You can have it all but you donít have to do it all by yourself
Mon Oct 27, 2008

By Tina Blazer, Certified Redesign and Staging Specialist (CRSS)

Within the next 6 months, almost 40 pounds of mail is going to come through your front door. Add to that greeting and business cards, notes on scrap paper, phone messages, instruction manuals magazines, children's artwork, school forms, and newspapers, and you've got a insurmountable pile of pulp you'd rather use as kindling than spend hours sifting and sorting. You're not alone. Every person I know has difficulty staying atop the mountain of chores, expectations and responsibilities thrown at them. Canadians today are overwhelmed by more things to manage, and less time to do them in. Without a system to deal with "stuff" it's no surprise that 42% of Canadian adults report they feel life is a treadmill they can't get off of.

Luckily, professional organizers can offer hope and a whole lot more. Their skills provide busy people with the tools to tackle and manage clutter over the long term. They help us make better use of space, and set goals to achieve balance and control in everyday life. And, those who prioritize organizing their households systematically reap a surprising array benefits.

Take your kitchen for example. Often referred to as the central nervous system of a home, this busy room supports mealtime, entertaining and homework. It’s also the room with the most gadgets and the most piles of "stuff". A professional organizer can develop customized ways for your kitchen to function properly. Picture not having to shuffle papers, piles and backpacks just to clear a surface to chop the veggies. Saving just 10 minutes a meal would give you back 1.75 hours per week to do something relaxing. Like... nothing. Imagine having that choice. A professional organizer can move you toward that goal.

Make no mistake, organizing is not cleaning. True, rooms get cleaned in the process, but organization brings a renewed energy, and function that plain old cleaning cannot boast. 66% of two parent families see both people working out of the home 60 hours a week including travel time. Spending quality family time is, and should be, higher on your agenda than sorting mail or clearing out cupboards under a sink. Just as working with a financial planner secures our money for the future, organizing provides control regarding our free time, ability to access and store our belongings, documents and keepsakes, now and in the years to come. Being organized improves household productivity, adds to the enjoyment we feel when at home, and saves a lot of time otherwise wasted on finding, filing or fumbling. It also puts us in control over when the treadmill starts and stops.

My clients most often say that getting organized made them feel as if a huge weight had been lifted. Sometimes it actually has, with literally hundreds of pounds of stuff being removed from their space. According to a study published by Newsweek in 2004, the average American burns 55 minutes a day - roughly 12 weeks a year - looking for things they know they own but can't find. The cost spent on hiring a professional organizer is quickly made back in reclaimed time and open space.

Some find positive energy in a once dreaded room. After I worked with Tracy, a client from Toronto she said, "As a fairly organized person, I didn't expect that cleaning out that back room and sorting supplies which were behind closed doors' would have such an impact on my enjoyment and attitude towards that area of the house. Now when I walk by, I don't hear that nagging voice reminding me to do the work and making me feel bad. The room seems lighter and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.” In short, she stop chipping away their own self esteem and gain some peace.

Seeking the guidance of a professional organizer is not a sign you are out of control. We often hire people to do jobs we dislike or don’t want to like accounting, landscaping and renovating. These skilled professionals make our lives a lot easier. Bringing in an organizer to help is a statement about how much you value your family's, and your own, time, quality of life and emotional well being. Remember: You can have it all, but you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

For more tips, visit our website: http://www.spotonorganizing.com/index.php or call me, Tina Blazer, at: 416-997-0730.

Who is Spot On?
Hi, I'm Tina Blazer, local St. Clair Resident and owner and director of Spot On Space Management. Along with compassion and a sense of humour, I bring 20-years experience as a Marketing and Purchasing Manager to professional Organizing. I’ve managed staff, product lines, and catalogues, as well as spaces, displays, retail stores, warehouses, filing systems and exhibits. A tenacious problem solver, I develop systems and spaces that support people in living the life they truly want to lead. Whether you’re downsizing, selling your home, starting a business, renewing a dream or launching the kids, SOSM can make things run better-beautifully.

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