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Serving The Communities Along The Ridge.

This is not just a website - we believe it's the start of something completely different.

This is where you can come to find out anything that has to do with your neighbourhood, like the proposed streetcar right-of-way, revitalization projects, events, jobs and much more.

Whether you live, work, run a business, visit, shop or travel anywhere along St Clair and the Casa Loma Ridge - from Bayview to Scarlett Road - you'll want to Bookmark this site and check back often!

You will also want to subscribe to our email newsletter. It's free and will keep you up-to-date on all the neighbourhood news, as well as deals and specials being offered by local merchants.

And if you would like to get involved, we'd love to hear from you - because we could sure use the help. Just send us an email.

So have a look around, let us know what you think, tell all your friends and neighbours, subscribe to our newsletter - an check back when you can.

"Ya'll come back now, ya hear."

Here are some of the comments we have received on MyStClair. Let us know what you think.

you're great! ... We have had 4 calls today from the website and we thank you very much!


MyStClair.com is such a great website. I've been recommending it to
friends, artists and businesses in the neighbourhood. You're doing a great


happy new year ...
u are doing a great job of keeping the interest and energy in our St. Clair
cheers and happy new year


... I was really impressed with your site.I will refer to it often.I have already showed it to another staff member who also liked it! Thank you,


What a great site!


I think that having a website for this area is a great ideal. I have lived in the area for over 30 years and have seen alot of changes, not all for the better. So it is great that you and others are trying to bring back a community feeling and an improved vista of the area. Thank you,


I am enjoying your postings on St. Clair Avenue local news and happenings. Very informative.


First off, great site!! It's refreshing to see people are still interested in getting involved and contributing to the community...St.Clair has allot to offer , the more people know the better.

St. Clair is my home... and in the past 22 yrs. I have seen St. Clair make many changes...some better then others.

However, I am pleased to see more and more people putting effort into revitalizing our community. Revitalizing the community is key!!


Great web site!!!


great info


Wonderful web site! About time the community got together without "false boundries".( east of such a street, west of such a street) Well done!


Congratulations! I love the site! It is going to make the difference in our neighbourhood. Thanks for taking the initiative, and keeping us all connected.


...focused on mystclair.com because I think it such an excellent information focal point for all of the important community activities in our area. I wanted to make people aware of the multitude of issues and the place they could go to on a regular basis to keep abreast of them.

I really think this is an outstanding site, Tony. I am a stickler for substance and when so many "information" web sites are so sorely lacking in relevant information, this one is a poster child for what a community web site should be.


Your website is very informative. I shall make a point of looking it up more often. Good work!


Lots of good info on your site...great work!


Great idea about the website.


... It seems like a very good concept.


... and your website is great


"This is Fantastic!!! I love this idea of keeping the neighbourhood in touch! Let's get together to better St. Clair!!!


Congratulations on this great Web-Site.


Thanks for all the work.


We moved to the St. Clair & Dufferin area one year ago, are interested in the preservation of architectural heritage, and use transit every day.


I like your new format on the web site.


Congratulations on a great start! It is so exciting to see something like this taking hold!


I am willing and eager to support a solid initiative to revitalize St. Clair West... perhaps this can be the "waterfront project" of the west.


Looks interesting. Great site!


I've been checking out your site for awhile now, and am pleased to see all the new content.


Hi there! I'll be opening up a dental office ... just North of St Clair... I look forward to being a part of this neighbourhood!


This is a good website.


Thank You for your updates. If I can be of any help please let me know.


Just saw your web site and want to say I like it.


I would love to know anything upcoming in my neighbourhood.


... It's GREAT and looks to be very informative, I plan to book mark it and take the time to review the info ...


I think your web site is wonderful ...


I think it's wonderful that a website such as this one has been created.



I love receiving your newsletter! Thanks



Thank you, and keep up the great newsletter. It helps me keep in touch with my old part of town now that I'm no longer living in Toronto.


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